Blood Red River

Getting it Started in Heaya

Created characters….Prelude and pack formation. Binding of Totem.

Pack of 3 chooses snake totem, Eyes-Above-Water, a cottonmouth spirit who follows a neutral shadow spirit.

Pack is told that they are being given territory and that suspect locus may be in area. At soil conservation site 6, 3 stream meet, and a riverstone in the middle of the pool is a 1 point locus of water, guarded by a stream spirit named 3-finger-whisper-brook. The small water glade is home to numerous animal and elemental spirit of lesser power. They bargain with guardian to protect them from a voracious vulture spirit that has been taking too much prey from the area. The pack runs off the Vulture spirit and his chronies in a show of force and promise of food later. The leave and return back to home, and spend rest of night patrolling and marking the edges of their claimed territory. The alpha decides to claim territory they weren;t originally assigned, and not concerned about possible reprecussions. They are brought to a locus near to the packs home. This is a breeding ground for the local population, and there is a hollow tree stump that is a 1 point loci, with a snake resonance.

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